An owner operated shop …with some really great clients.

Who we are

SA is a team of designers and developers with extensive experience in the start-up world, including iStockphoto, Etsy and others. We are all partners in the company, invested in the success of our clients. You might talk to Lakin Wecker about composable software construction and creative algorithmic solutions; Leonard Nooy might be the person that helps you with workflow automation and financial matters; Ian Russell is probably helping with your visual design, but you could also chat with him about music.

What's Important

We partner with like-minded organizations who consider their customers, employees, suppliers, and society at large. Three core ideas drive our company and inform our choice of clients:


Organizations shouldn't be driven by profit alone; they should treat employees and vendors equitably.


Services, infrastructure, and facilities should be available to everyone; online tools facilitate that.


Healthy growth happens with consideration of environmental, local, and social impacts. It's a mindset centered around long term, sustainable gain.