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Structured Abstraction works closely with teams like yours, building strategic software and empowering your organization to make positive impact.

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Transformation is a journey. Let us be your guide.
We work collaboratively with our clients — using interactive design, custom software development, business strategy, and data intelligence to drive audience-focused digital transformation. Whether it is choosing the right technologies, building great digital experiences, or simply advising how to embrace future challenges, we can help guide your way.
Capacity Building
A successful digital transformation often requires that an organization adopt new skills and explore new roles. We can identify gaps in your capabilities and help you fill them.
Software Development
We can act as your software development partners, custom building to the needs of your project — or play the role of fractional executive, helping you plan, hire and train your own high-performing software delivery team.
Data-Driven Strategy
We help ensure that decision making is underpinned by a solid bedrock of data collection and analysis. We can also plan, budget, and scope your transformative projects — and evaluate the most strategic software solutions. 
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